Who can you trust, when you can’t even trust what is right in front of you?

After the death of her best friend and her own near-death experience in Italy, Cat Gabbiano returns to her home in Lowcountry of South Carolina. During Cat’s absence, her business reputation suffered as a result of an ongoing dispute with her most influential client. Her first goal is to reestablish herself with the help of her friend and business colleague, Cassie Burton.

While scouting out a venue for a wedding reception at a long-vacated plantation, Cat has a close encounter with a hammer-wielding assailant. Before the dust settles, she’s contacted by an old classmate who swears he’s an undercover FBI agent. He warns her to stay away from the plantation and tells her it’s under surveillance for human trafficking.

Along with this startling revelation enters a Spanish count who insists on Cat becoming his confident as he tries to purchase the abandoned plantation. Is he interested in more than a business partnership? Has Cat already forgotten her Italian lover, Lorenzo? Added to this mix of characters is a state senator who sweeps Cassie off her feet and into his web of deceit.

Will Cat discover the truth before it’s too late? Or will she end up in places far darker than the mafia she encountered in Italy?